Designer and Art Director

Pifarré Vallejo is the design studio of Adrià Pifarré Vallejo. The trajectory goes a little back when Adrià founded with two other partners the project and company «No más tuppers de mamá» in 2011. After the success of this venture, they joint other partners and founded Outro, in 2014, where Adrià spend five years. There we worked for clients like Etnia Barcelona, Nike, Barcelona City Hall, Pull&Bear… leading projects and teams, designing and managing productions for more than 300 projects. He also had the opportunity to give talks and workshops worldwide, in the United States, Mexico, France, Portugal… In 2018 Outro closed their activity as we wanted to explorer new roles. It was then when Adrià started working as Art Director of The Issue Ten, a Madrid and New York company in charge of Hercules Universal magazine and VISO Project. The studio purpose is to design brands according to their communication needs. Here’s a list of what where good at.


Branding, Art Direction, Creative Direction, Editorial Design, Web & App Design, Photography, Typography, Web Development and Teaching.


2007/2010 Electronic Arts
and Digital Design
Universitat Ramón Llull

2007/2011 Graphic Design
Universitat Ramón Llull

2009/2010 Graphic Design
University of Salford

2010/2012 Graphic designer
and web coder
Estudi AAAA

2011/2014 Founder
and Creative Director
No más — de mamá
2014/2018 Founder
and Creative Director
Outro. Visual Inventors

2018/~ Creative Director
Hercules Books, VISO
and The Issue Ten

2020/~ Teacher at Máster
Challenging Branding
Labasad University

2021/~ Projects professor
LCI Barcelona
2015 FIU
DHUB (Barcelona)

Mexico City

2016 OFFF Cincinnati
Cincinnati (USA)

2016 Behance
Sala Moritz (Barcelona)

2016 OFFF Barcelona
DHUB (Barcelona)
2016 Talk
IDEP Universitat

2017 The Creative Awards
Fàbrica Damm

2017 Blanc Festival
Casino del Poble Nou
2017 Plug & Play

2017 Fete pour l’image
L’Ille (France)